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At WBI Energy Corrosion Services, we design, implement, energize, monitor and troubleshoot cathodic protection systems. We work on a wide variety of buried and submerged metal structures. Our team is highly experienced, thanks to our diverse customer base and our longevity in the industry. 

Applying cathodic protection is the most common method to prevent corrosion-related failures when used in conjunction with a proper coating system. With over 20 years of cathodic protection experience, we provide cost-effective options for oil and natural gas pipeline operations, oil, natural gas and water well casings, municipal water and natural gas utilities, oil and petrochemical production companies, electric power utilities, and transit and power transportation agencies. 


Crew in the field



Our fleet includes multiple drill rigs, water/vac trucks, semitrucks, 1.5-ton crew trucks, auger trucks and a variety of mechanical excavation equipment. 

  • We have three air excavation trucks in our fleet for when non-mechanical excavation is required.
  • We support our field technicians and close interval group with F-150 pickups and have UTVs available for remote locations.
  • Our construction division can operate two independent deepwell crews, a surface bed crew and an AC mitigation installation crew.
  • We work closely with one of our sister companies to provide subcontracted cable plowing and directional boring services.




Our technical staff includes cathodic protection personnel accredited by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers from CP Level 1 through CP Level 4. Our technical personnel are highly skilled with extensive and differing cathodic protection engineering backgrounds. Because each member of our team specializes in different areas, we evaluate each project to ensure the most qualified individual is assigned. 

Crew at work


Planning, forecasting and budget meetings are part of our maintenance programs. We provide regulatory audit support for companies with limited personnel. We’ll help you keep compliance a priority even if you don’t have the personnel to devote to full-time reporting. 

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