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The calculator on this page, provided by Loresco®, is intended to make your job easier. If you’re not sure what you need, give us a call.

After downloading the Excel file, click “Enable Editing” to exit Protected View.

Disclaimer: WBI Energy Corrosion Services has made every effort to ensure that the results generated by the various calculators available at this website are correct and valid within the limitations indicated for each calculator. However, neither WBI Energy Corrosion Services nor any of its employees or representatives warrants any particular result, nor accepts any liability for any inaccuracies resulting from the use of these calculators. Use of these calculators and selection of specific input parameters requires engineering judgement on a case by case basis. The user is cautioned to seek competent engineering assistance in the use of the calculators and application of results generated by the calculators. Results generated are based upon certain simplifying assumptions, which may or may not be valid for a specific case.